Ideas anybody??

I am planning a series of monthly sessions for my students’ parents on reading. More specifically I plan to discuss the approach to teaching reading (Reading Workshop) that I use in my classroom as well as how I assess children (observations, one-to-one conferences, conversations, etc) in order to determine what to teach and what configurations (individual, small group, whole class) will best meet their needs. I am also planning to teach parents about miscue analysis and to share some samples from the classroom, without using children’s names of course.

I think the first session, just like the first day of school, is important as far as first impressions are concerned. I want to draw parents in and whet their appetite for future sessions at the same time that I want to give them something concrete to take home to try with their children.

I have some ideas of things I’ve done in the past but I’d love to hear yours. So, fire away!