I first heard about Lessons from the Geese in the mid-90’s.  The person who first shared this with me turned out to have a completely different agenda in mind and is no longer someone with whom I am in contact.  However, a spiritual leader I hold in high regard recently reminded me that this inspiring… Continue reading

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Student Led Conferences

This Thursday and Friday we had student led conferences at my school.  This is the culmination of over a week of preparation and anticipation as we approach spring break.  Typically, the children gather their work in each of the core curriculum areas, and art, to share with their parents.  The children write  reflections as to… Continue reading Student Led Conferences

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Writing Tips from a Parent

Recently, the mom of one of my students talked to our class about her work as a writer of YA books.  She prepared a PowerPoint presentation using Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt as her mentor text.  The following list includes some of the tips she gave the children. (1) First, it’s important to write about… Continue reading Writing Tips from a Parent