Conversations – They Really Do Help!

Sometimes it only takes a conversation to address a problem and find a solution. In fact, most problems can be resolved through conversation. (If only world leaders thought so, too! Perhaps many wars and battles could have been avoided…)

Kids rise to the occasion and respond in mature ways when they are trusted to do so.


a messy classroom; materials not returned to their places; everyone waiting for someone else to tidy up.


–I will make sure that students have 5 minutes at the end of class to clean up. – Everyone will take care of their own materials. – Everyone will remind someone at their table to tidy up if they’ve forgotten. -Everyone will pick up materials and garbage off the floor, the living room area, and the carpet area. -No one will leave the class until the room is ready for the next activity.

It worked like a charm. All. Day. Long.

So simple, yet I didn’t address this problem with the kids right away. Instead,  I kept nagging and nagging and nothing changed.

Sometimes, it only takes a conversation to make things better.

Cross posted to the Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life.

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