As August unfolds and teachers head back to school, social media is buzzing with planning for the fall. And, my heart skips a beat; I won’t be going back for the start of this school year. It’s the first time in over 30 years that I will miss the excitement and promise of a new school year. And I’m struggling not to feel a heavy dose of FOMO.

I remind myself that I have other things to take care of, namely my health, but I won’t be idle. For starters, I have reading and writing plans. I will be working on a short story that I started last year and threatens to languish unless I continue to work on it. I will add weekly posts to my professional blog. I will write short columns for parents in my neighborhood magazine. I will read and read and read. The pile keeps getting larger every time I check Twitter.

I will be doing as much online professional learning as is available and I can handle: I have four book studies currently underway or soon to start. I am collaborating on two workshops for the fall. I have two online courses waiting for me to dig in – one on the science of happiness and the other one on classroom discourse.

I am also looking forward to some periods of rest to recuperate my strength. Family time will be high on my agenda.

I will create and live a vision that doesn’t include the physical schoolhouse building…at least for a while…but that may be just as fulfilling.

FOMO? I don’t think so!

Cross posted to the Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life Challenge

12 thoughts on “August…

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski says:

    I remember when I was home in September before my son was born in October. I was grateful not to be teaching in the heat with kindergarten children, but I was lonely and bored and missed the excitement. I understand the FOMO. I hope you continue to heal and have improved health. You are keeping positive and busy and your continual learning shows the kind of person you are. Sending you hugs.

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