This summer…

This summer…

I’m experimenting,


and developing new habits.

Letting go of what doesn’t work,

and welcoming what does.

It takes practice,

and consistency.

Courage, even.

I’m experimenting with having a daily writing habit by creating daily results that are specific and measurable. Even though I don’t like the word measurable for many reasons, it really helps to have a concrete goal that you can…well..measure! (A nod to @msrachelhollis for this one.)

I’m experimenting with how to structure my time so that I’m more productive. I created an analog daily schedule that encapsulates what’s important to me and helps me keep track of my day. It’s still a work in progress as you can see below; I refine it based on my needs.

My Daily Schedule

My Daily Schedule – A Work in Progress

I’m exploring using a reading notebook. I ask my students to keep a reading response notebook even though I’ve never really kept one myself. Recently, I decided to do just that. I am keeping a list of the books I’m currently reading and the date that I finish them. I keep another list for books that others recommend and put their name beside the title. It helps provide context to the book when it comes from the library or in the mail and I can’t remember why it’s in my hands. LOL!

I also started writing a few entries in my reading notebook. What I’ve discovered is that I’m not writing in it every day. And, that’s OK. Sometimes I’ve written almost a page and other times less than that. These are things I want to remember as we head back to school in September: what makes sense to keep track of in a reading notebook and what is just busy work?

My Reading Notebook

Sample pages in my reading notebook

I am engaging in a guided journaling adventure. You can read about that here.

I am cleaning house, literally, by donating what we don’t need or use to make room for what we have decided to keep and, figuratively, by dispensing with unproductive and joyless habits and replacing them with self-care routines and mindful practices.

What have you been up to this summer?

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6 thoughts on “This summer…

  1. Terje says:

    I want to applaud you for your determination, organisation and action steps. You are in charge of your choices and habits. The picture of your planning is inspiring. What am I doing? Sleeping and reading and playing with my nephew – my choices are based on my needs.

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  2. Yes, it is good to explore and experiment. This year has been and still is a different one from all the previous ones, to say the least 🙂 I have been doing cross stitch for table cloth, etc. I had been planning to do so for quite some time and now I am doing it. I love reading and I have started listening to stories in Audibles. It is a wonderful experience. I also listen to lectures on our Epics and Vedas by a great Sanskrit scholar. Regards

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    • Hi Lakshmi, I agree that even though the Coronavirus has caused disruption and tragedy around the world, it has given everyone an opportunity to develop new habits. I would love to be able to create with my hands, but that is something that I haven’t developed in my life thus far. Maybe it’s time to put it on my bucket list! Stay safe.

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  3. I like your analog schedules. Sometimes I feel like I need to depart from the digital and go back to analog, but it’s so much easier when my husband and I are planning for the kids. {Sigh.}

    As for me, I feel as though I’ve been treading water this summer. My head is above water, but it’s a lot of work. I have a feeling that’s how it is for so many parents of young ones these days so as long as we stay healthy I am NOT complaining!

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    • I hear you about connecting schedules with your husband. I still keep my appointments on my Google calendar, but I found that an analogue calendar, which has been revised several times and will probably undergo a few more iterations, works better for the other things that I want to keep track of (writing, mostly). When I see it and touch it, it works better for me.

      This summer has not been easy for anybody and now that the start of the school year is approaching, many of us are starting to feel anxiety and even overwhelm. I think the best we can do is take lots of deep breaths and try to find joyful activities to fill up our days, even if we are doing it from home. Stay well.

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