Boundaries – #SOL21 Day #16

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At the end of every day I try to quit work by 5:30.

I try to stop checking emails.

I try to shut down my computer.

I try to leave my office space and venture up to be with my family.

Some days, I can do that.

Other days, I struggle.

Since I’m teaching online, it is harder to just “leave” work and go home.

Because it’s always there.

Calling to me, like a jealous lover.

Tethering me to my computer.

My fingers flying across the keyboard.

Jumping from open tab to open tab.

Then, the next day I am flummoxed because I can’t find anything.

Because this work that we do is never ending.

The more I work, the more there is to do.

And, honestly, I am exhausted.

My eyesight is suffering.

My posture is shot and it was never that great to begin with.

I make plans to get on the Peloton, but then I don’t.

I grab a book to read and my mind wanders or my eyes get heavy with sleep.

So, no more.

I am readjusting my boundaries so that I can disconnect at 5:30 every day.

I know I’ve said all of this before.

I may even go down this road again, but the difference is that this time I’m being kind to myself.

Is it quitting time yet?


Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Boundaries – #SOL21 Day #16

  1. I can SO relate and almost wrote about this very thing today as I brought my writing laptop AWAY from my teaching place. I enjoyed your choice of words like “tethering” and “suffering” alongside “disconnect” and “venture.” They paint two distinct pictures of your home life (and mine) right now. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Yes, Elisa! It is quitting time. No more “jumping for open tab to open tab” to which I can relate. I currently have 9 open right now. Be kind to yourself, and walk away from the computer. LOL


  3. Oh my yes! In the beginning, I was really good at setting those boundaries. Now it’s slipping. And, like you, I’m feeling the fatigue. I think setting that time is excellent. It will wait. And it seems the more we do, the more we do. A good and bad thing.


  4. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    It is so easy to keep the computer open while teaching from home and continue working. Boundaries are a good thing for many reasons! I hope you take your own advice and clock out at 5:30!


  5. mrssurridge says:

    Because it’s always there.

    Calling to me, like a jealous lover.

    I love this part…makes it part love story, huh? I am back to face-to-face teaching (still so weird to say…isn’t that what teaching is?? anyway…) but I so remember the eye strain I had when I was 100% remote. Eye doctors must be making a killing!

    Walk away from the table…


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