Hard Days – #SOL21 Day #23

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Today was a hard teaching day.

Because teaching can be hard on so many days.

But when I feel like I’ve done everything I can think of, and more, to address the needs of my students and then I hit a wall with caregivers, it is even harder.

So, today was a hard day. Did I say that already?

I am exhausted.

I do what I need to do even if it isn’t always welcomed or applauded or recognized.

I do what I do and then students must do their part. They must meet me half way. I can’t do the learning for them. And neither can their caregivers.

Students must do this for themselves.

I provide the best environment I can with the best experiences I can create and then I need to get out of the way.

If I can reach just one student every year, then it will all have been worth it.

Still, today was a hard day.

Cross posted to The Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Hard Days – #SOL21 Day #23

  1. Your post reminds me of a quote that has been carrying me the last few weeks: Leaders [insert teachers] are not responsible for the results; they are responsible for the people [insert students] who are responsible for the results.” – Simon Sinek
    I can tell you are pulled by your passion for the people you serve. Keep your eye on them and I am sure that you are reaching more then one at a time. Your repetition of how hard this day is shows how much it matters to you.

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