Day #3 – March SOL Story Challenge – Wins and Joys – Classroom Version

I keep a daily record of what I call, wins and joys. I include small, medium and large activities that I accomplish every day.

Here’s a list of my students’ wins and joys for today.

Students practiced their lines, in Spanish, for a scene in a play that was filmed in the afternoon.

Students read from their self-selected books.

Students wrote me a letter about what they’re reading.

Students continued recording what they think they know and what questions they have about an animal they are going to research and write about.

Students got together in small, self-selected book clubs to share about their books.

Students played a tag game in gym class.

Students wrote a multiplication story problem in Spanish and solved it in two different ways.

Students successfully dramatized their lines for the video taping of their scene. I was so proud of them.

Students worked on individual writing projects.

Sometimes, when it feels like I got nothing done, writing down my wins and joys for the day puts it all into perspective.

Cross posted to the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

5 thoughts on “Day #3 – March SOL Story Challenge – Wins and Joys – Classroom Version

  1. Today, when i sat down to write, I initially thought of listing the many stinky things that this day included. No one wants to read that…put it in a journal, I thought. However, wins and joys…that’s an idea we can all share in with smiles and cheers! Thanks so much for this inspirational header to a new page!

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    • Emily, there are days when I’ve been tempted to write what has not worked or to add a “but” to a win or joy or to preface this with what I still have to do. It takes a lot of restraint to stay focused on the positive, but I think it’s worth it.


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