Teachers Write Summer Camp – Post #1

Below is my writing plan for this summer and the next school year – the first assignment of sorts for the Teachers Write Summer Camp started by Kate Messner.  I am making this plan public so that my friends and acquaintances can hold me accountable/responsible for following through.  So, every so often ask me how I’m doing with my plan.  Or, ask me what I wrote today.  Then, observe me for signs of hesitation or hedging.  Don’t nag though.  Just be supportive and nice 🙂

Writing plan for the summer and the next school year: 
1.     Write every day. (Summer and school year)
2.     Write for at least 30 minutes.  This doesn’t include 750words.com writing. (Summer and school year)
3.     Write first thing in the morning, if possible, or at lunchtime in school. (Summer and school year)
4.     Alternate between writing blog posts and short articles about teaching.  EdD research related writing has to happen every day. (Summer and school year)
5.     A weekly schedule might look like this:
a.     Monday – 750words.com writing; EdD research related writing
b.     Tuesday – 750words.com writing; short article; EdD research related writing
c.      Wednesday – 750words.comwriting; blog post; EdD research related writing
d.     Thursday – 750words.comwriting; poetry or fiction writing; EdD research related writing
e.     Friday – 750words.com writing; EdD research related writing
f.      Saturday – 750words.comwriting; free choice; EdD research related writing
g.     Sunday – 750words.com writing; SOL blog post; EdD research related writing
If I spend about 20 minutes on 750words.com writing and 30 minutes on the other kinds of writing listed above, then I’ll be writing for about 1 hour every day.  This hour can be divided into shorter chunks of time throughout the day.  I think 3 twenty-minute chunks make sense.  I’ll try this and see how it works out.  I will be blogging about this throughout the summer.  Check back for updates.  And, in the meantime, check out the Teachers Write Summer Camp    

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