Jackson Benson

This week’s post is not about teaching.  It’s about a puppy.  Our family’s new puppy.

After finding him – this took longer than I had thought possible – it was time to name him.  Although, my husband suggested we look online for names that would suit a black Labrador Retriever, my 7-year-old insisted on giving him an original name.  Through trial and error of tasting the names on our tongues, we finally agreed on Jackson Benson.  And, it suits this 2-month old wonder that we’ve already fallen in love with.

Jackson hasn’t been been with us for three whole days and I can already tell that he is quickly going to become an important member of our family.  My son’s never going to be the same because of this little black puppy.  And, I’ve been given a second chance to do better with a dog than the last time we had pets.  I wasn’t very involved then but I’m determined to change that this time around.

Just in the last couple of days, my son has been outdoors more than at any other time before.  He is away from the computer and rough housing with Jackson.  When Joaquin has to go in the house to shower or eat, Jackson whimpers like the baby he is.  It breaks all of our hearts but slowly he is learning his limits and he is getting to know us.  Last night my husband held him until he fell asleep and then he put him in his interim house.  He literally slept like a baby – no crying or fussing for our Jackson.

Yesterday it rained in the afternoon and as soon as I got home I ran outside, my heart pounding, worrying that Jackson was cold and wet, which he was.  I gathered a towel, any towel, and wrapped Jackson up to dry him off.  I held him until he stopped shivering, though I didn’t want to put him down.  I surprised myself at the tenderness I felt towards this little puppy that was a stranger to us just two days ago.

As soon as we get home from school this afternoon, my son will run outside to be with Jackson.  I will join him and we will rejoice in this time together.  At some point, I will stand back and just watch the two of them playing.  My heart will swell up and I will be grateful for this moment.

Who would have thought a puppy could bring such joy and gratitude?  Life is good.

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