New Year’s Resolutions Redux

I know.  I know.  A lot of bloggers have been writing about their New Year’s Resolutions.  Some even did it right before the new year and some right on the first of January.  This post might be a bit late in the stream.  A Johnny come lately, of sorts.

Nevertheless, by posting my resolutions and making them public, I intend to be accountable to myself. So, I am doing this for me.  By going public, I am making a commitment to myself to carry them through.

It always amazes me how easy it is to commit to something in the relative calm of a break from school.  Once I’m back in the classroom I start to fall behind.  But, I don’t want to use the excuse of being too busy as a reason for not following through on my resolve.

I want to build stamina so I know each resolution listed below won’t become a habit right away.  I will try not to beat myself over the head if I do fall behind, which is inevitable.  I will pick myself up and recommit to what I want to accomplish this year.

Elisa’s New Year’s Resolutions, not in order of priority:

#1 – Write every day.
#2 – Read and comment on a research article related to my doctoral study, every day.
#3 – Read 100 professional books and/or novels during the year.  (This is through GoodReads.)
#4 – Be an advocate for myself.  Decide what I want and go after it!
#5 – Get on an exercise schedule 2x/week.
#6 – Watch what I eat, including portions.
#7 – Post weekly on my blog(s).
#8 – Practice mindfulness in everything I do.

Not earth shattering.  In fact, some have been on my New Year’s resolutions list every year.  Sometimes I’ve made headway and sometimes I just lose the list, literally and figuratively, after the first couple of weeks in January.  I’m determined to do better this time around.  I’ll report out about how I’m doing as the year goes on to motivate myself and to keep me honest.

Feel free to comment about your own resolutions and don’t hesitate to give me feedback on mine!

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful year!

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7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions Redux

  1. Lots of great goals for 2013, Elisa. I'm impressed by #2. That in and of itself could be it, but you are pushing yourself to take it further. 🙂

    My OLW for 2013 is vitality. It is my hope to consistently make smart choices at meals, go to bed at a reasonable hour, exercise regularly, and just take great care of myself so I can be the best me.


  2. I wish you perseverance in your resolutions! I wish I had the courage to make as many goals as you have done. But I really like the fact that you posted them in order to be accountable! Stay strong!


  3. Lofty goals! I love the reading and writing ones, of course. I, too, have made myself a promise to read and write every day—and I made it in front of my students.! Here's to following through…


  4. Thank you all for the encouragement! I will definitely need it as I realize @DebDay that these are lofty goals! I'm trying to figure out how I can keep them front and center as life starts getting busy again after the Christmas holidays. I can use my reminders app on my phone or simply post them in the office or on my laptop. A daily visual reminder will certainly help! Stacey, goal #2 is a must if I am to keep going with my research focus clearly in mind. Fortunately, I love reading these articles and get a lot out of them. I've finally become comfortable annotating on pdf's so that saves a big chunk of the note taking time.


  5. You can do it! You will. May-be 100 percent, may-be less, may-be more.
    I will promise to write every day in March. The rest of the year at least on Tuesdays and hopefully a bit more often.


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