Lately, I’ve been thinking about modelling and its place in the classroom.

I’ve also been thinking about how we often don’t model the behaviours, strategies, etc that we want our students to demonstrate because we are in a rush to move through the curriculum or because we figure they should get it if we tell them what it looks like.
The power of modelling is underrated and I’ve begun to adopt it with a zeal. Well, maybe not with a zeal, but certainly I’ve stopped more often than not to demonstrate and then have students practice while I observe. This helps me to plan next steps.
This may sound like it takes a lot of time but, in the long run, it saves time. 
So, I’ve been thinking that by skipping this step we are doing our students a disservice.
In a future post, I will expand on these ruminating thoughts.
I would love to hear how you model desired behaviours and strategies to your students. 

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