Day #8

Day #8

No students, yet.
As an ESL teacher I spend the first two weeks of school testing and testing some more, meeting and meeting again, setting up lists, and organizing schedules, until finally I can start servicing students.
This is my second year as an ESL teacher though I have been in this position a couple of times previously in my career. Last year was tough as I was new to my school and I didn’t know what to do for the first couple of weeks. Everything was new and confusing. This year feels a little more familiar and I haven’t stopped to take a break since I started.
Still, I miss the first few days of school from when I had a class list on Day #1.
I miss the smell of new supplies.
I miss the eager faces of students.
I miss building a community of learners.
I greet familiar faces.
I welcome new students.
I can’t wait to get started teaching for real.

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