What a Day!!

Documenting my day. An idea I am trying for today’s slice. Thanks to the slicer who started this trend and whose name I cannot remember, but you know who you are!

4:30 – My phone alarm goes off. I slide my finger across the screen, try to get up, and take a 10-minute snooze instead.

4:45 – In the kitchen I boot up my computer, start the coffee, and sit down to write my weekly lesson plans. Much of what I write today is a continuation of last week and in about 30 minutes or so I’m finished.

5:15 – Even though I’d love to crawl back in bed, I stay in the kitchen checking email and monitoring the coffee.

6:05 – I turn to the dirty dishes in the sink and decide to get in the shower instead.

6:20 – I start to wake up my son who, like me, would rather stay in bed.

6:35 – My son finally gets up to take a shower and get dressed. In the meantime, I’ve gotten dressed and have begun my morning routines, which include making breakfast.

7:05 – My husband and son are sitting at the dining room table. I take a deep breath as I finally sit down.

7:25 – My son’s bus arrives. As I walk back in the house I realize that I’ve forgotten to give him his vitamins. I reluctantly gulp mine down since the clock is ticking and I need to get to work.

7:50 – I arrive at school, five minutes past the entrance time.

8:00 – I push in to my first class. It is non-stop until lunch.

12:25 – I walk to the corner health food store/lunch stop and order a sandwich. I sit down and enjoy my 20-minute lunch break.

12:50 – I head back to school. As I walk into the courtyard, I spot some friends and sit down for a few minutes before my next class.

1:00 – My two new ESL students are waiting outside my door.

2:00 – I push into my last class of the day.

3:00 – Supervision.

3:10 – I join a webinar on Twitter sponsored by McGraw-Hill and led by @tomwhitby and Steven Anderson (@web20classroom).

4:00 – I lock up my classroom and head for home.

4:15 – I arrive home and putter around a bit. I try to do some work but I don’t have the stamina to stick with it.

5:00 – My son arrives from school.

5:15 – We feed the dogs.

5:30 – We eat a quick meal before heading out to my son’s piano lessons.

6:00 – My husband gets home from work. We talk for a short while.

6:30 – My son and I climb into our car to head for his piano lessons.

7:00 – I run to the grocery store while my son is in his class.

7:45 – It’s finally time to go home.

No wonder all I want to do is lie in bed and watch a movie or read a book, which is what I’m going to do in just a minute.

Cross posted to the March Slice of Life Challenge #10.

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