I’ve had a headache all day long.

I know its source:
a phone call from my mother.

And why it hasn’t let up:

  • a few disrespectful encounters with two students.
  • an afternoon of working on my school’s strategic plan with other teachers. Although the work was good, it was challenging. Everyone ran out of steam before we were finished and we had to push ourselves to do the last part so we wouldn’t have to meet again this week. We did it!
  • A phone call from my mother.

I need to work through this relationship and confront the issues. That’s what I would tell a student who was having a problem with a friend. But to face up to the facts of this relationship means having to deal with my feelings, and that is a can of worms I am not ready to face, yet.

Talking about this publicly is a good first step.

I’ll have to be content with that for now.

Cross posted at March Slice of Life Challenge, Day #12.

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