Today I opened Junior Writer, a free website for writing stories that supports students’ through spelling lists, and word games, and found a pleasant surprise. As I was browsing through the stories, I found the piece one of my students had been working on yesterday. I started reading it and was blown away. I wish I could post it here for you to see but I didn’t ask permission so I can’t.

This student, recently arrived from a non-English speaking country is in my ESL class. She writes with a strong voice and a clear sense of story. What was fascinating about this piece is that it turned the idea of writer’s block on its head by telling the story of a writer who one day finds himself without any writing ideas. He is baffled and doesn’t know what to do. I wondered if this was my student’s way of saying that she didn’t have any ideas for writing herself? Unfortunately, the story is not finished so I can’t tell you how it ends, but I am dying to find out. Tomorrow I will encourage her to finish this story. Of course, I’ll definitely ask permission to publish it tomorrow.


Cross posted to March Slice of Life Challenge, Day #13.

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