Deep breath.
I just finished my monthly Skype call with my doctoral advisors in Australia.
Yes, I am getting my doctorate.
And working full time.
It has been difficult but satisfying.
It’s one of the biggest professional challenges I’ve had to face in my life.

Now, I am officially a doctoral candidate.
That sounds pretty spiffy, doesn’t it?
But, it’s a lot of work.
There are too many distractors.
I have a deadline looming for June,
so I need to buckle down over the next month.
Do lots of reading and writing.
It’s reading and thinking that’s important to me as a professional.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it.
But, it’s still hard work.
Sometimes I feel like giving up.
Am I a scholar?
So, the doubt creeps in and I have to do a lot of self-talk.
I push through.
Sometimes, my confidence needs a boost.
I’m the only one that can do that.
It just takes courage, my one little word for this year.

So, back to practical matters – I know what I need to do.
Get myself better organized
so that I can be as productive and efficient as possible.
Keep my eye on the prize
so I remember why I’m doing this.
Maintain a clear vision and keep it at arm’s length,
close and accessible,
so that I can reach it.

It’s all good.
I will do this.

Cross posted to March Slice of Life Challenge, Day #20.

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