After a month of slicing…

The March Slice of Life Challenge is officially over but I am planning to continue slicing on Tuesdays,
and to blog every day barring any unplanned contingencies.

I am looking forward to this new blogging commitment.
I’ve done this before – committed to blogging every day –
but I have never been able to go through with it.

The fact that I blogged 30 out of 31 days during the month of March means that
I can keep doing this from now on.

During this month of blogging, I learned not to worry too much about what I was going to write.
I learned that I only need to sit down and start writing.
I’m no longer paralyzed by not knowing because it seems that once I start writing,
the ideas start to flow.

Sometimes, my posts say something meaningful and, at other times, not so much.
The point is to keep writing; eventually, I will find topics that are important to me.

For the moment, I am going to pursue the following two ideas for a series of posts:

  • assessment practices.
  • writing about my collaboration, as an ESL teacher, with regular classroom teachers.
Until tomorrow…
Cross posted to the Tuesday Slice of Life.

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