Slice of Life – Take #1

I had a moment of weakness today, and a revelation.
I lost my composure with my students.
I was desperately frustrated. Is there even such a thing? If there is, then that’s what I was.
I had a grand plan: to ignite an explosion of writing in our class.
I thought my students would jump at the chance to write about snippets of their lives for at least 25 days.
I wasn’t prepared for the backlash.
My students didn’t buy it. They kept pushing back and no matter how hard I tried, they didn’t seem to understand the instructions.
And. I. Slowly. Became. Frustrated. Then. Angry.
But because I had faith in my plan, I persevered. I was certain I could convince them that slicing every day was going to be fun.
I was wrong.
Here’s a dirty little secret: my students don’t like writing personal narrative. They don’t like to write about themselves.  And, if you don’t like to write about yourself then the Slice of Life Challenge will be ineffective as a way to encourage more excitement around writing.
So, I don’t know where to go from here.
I’ll be thinking of possible solutions.

Your ideas are welcome.

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