Sometimes I get in a rut.
Nothing interests me.
I’m easily irritable,
and I don’t feel like doing much of anything.
The problem is that I actually have a lot to do,
but nothing seems to attract my attention.

If I’m tired and sleepy, then I just go to bed, even if it’s early.
If I’m not sleepy, I wish I were and get cranky about the fact that I’m not.
I tell myself that if I could just go to sleep,
then I can forget about this funk I’m in.
Or, I can simply write about how I feel,
and hope that it will go away all by itself.

If none of that works, then I read a novel to take my mind off feeling out of sorts.

The problem is that
I’m not sleepy.
I’m writing, but it’s not really helping,
and I’m not reading a novel at the moment.

Wow! I sound whiny and negative.
I think I will just tag this as a no-good-very-bad-day and hope tomorrow is better.

Cross posted to Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge, Day 29.

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