In anticipation…

Today was my second day back at work.

The students haven’t started yet.
Their first day is next Tuesday.
At this time next week,
I will have met my new students.
I looked at my class list yesterday,
and again today.
I studied my new students’ faces.
None of them are familiar to me.
A new class.
Not my old class from last year.
I let myself be sad for a moment.
I loved my class last year.
I swallowed hard.
I took a deep breath.
This is the new group that I will love.
As much as I loved last year’s group.
I have a lot to think about
as I organize my classroom.
I make sure that everything is in its place.
I lay out the flexible seating choices.
I think about the first day.
The first week..
The first month.
I sit at my desk – 
yes, I have a desk – 
and look out across the room.
I can see the cozy reading area – 
two couches, 
two chairs, 
an individual desk against the wall
(to give kids the choice to work alone),
a bench,
a large bulletin board,
a white board.
I look over to where the window seat will fit,
and I can already picture my new students 
reading by the window.
I look at other seating choices across the room:
A rectangular table at standard height,
another one low to the ground,
three round tables,
two individual desks – side by side.
I look over to the wall behind me,
where the SmartBoard will rest.
My eyes sweep over the red, crimson rug.
I am there with my students.
During read aloud,
mini lessons,
class meetings,
and celebrations.
And, as I write this,
I can feel my excitement mounting,
waiting for next Tuesday to arrive.

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