A Walk Around My Neighborhood

Slicing every day in March!

I went for a walk around my neighborhood. 

I walked for about 35 minutes. 

For most of that time, I didn’t see anyone. 

It was sunny and hot.

Peaceful and quiet. 

The only sounds were those of birds and butterflies flying nearby.

And, then I saw this through a 

And a little later on, I got a slightly different view…

And, finally, in an empty lot…

I looked around to see if there were any others nearby, but that was the only one. It made me wonder how it got there. Where were the others just like it? Was it poisonous? I was tempted to touch it, but decided it was best not to. Instead, I took a picture and headed for home.

That mushroom made the difference today.

I wonder what will make me stop next time.

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