Just Another Sunday

Slicing every day in March!!

Argh! It was a goal for the wrong team.

“Are we going to see La La Land?”
“No, not today.”

Searching for titles to match the Scholastic 2017 Reading Bingo Challenge categories.
New children’s and YA literature titles to discover!
In 49 categories.

“Do you want to play tennis?” 
“Sure! Let’s go before it rains.”
(That didn’t happen!)

Surfing through Epic! and Bookopolis.
Two of my favorite social media book sites for kids.

Finally finished Simon and the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Loved it!

My to-do list has gotten longer this weekend.

Worked on a math problem with a group of teachers.
Did we all get the same answer?
What was tricky about the problem?

Will it work for 5th grade students?
I’m glad I made the time to solve it.
Now, I can anticipate the challenges my students may encounter.

Added about 40 books to our grade level book order for next year.
Mostly non fiction and historical fiction titles this year.

Tacos for lunch!

Time to unwind with a book.

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