Slicing every day in March!!

Today was a long day.

The last day of our annual 3-day Fine Arts Festival.
The kids were not at their best. They were fidgety. They were silly. 
It’s 5th grade and it’s March.
We suspended our regular schedule to participate in some of the Fine Arts Festival activities.
The kids made self-portraits. 
They viewed some art work created by high school students.
They wrote blog posts about their morning activities.
They listened to a 4-school choir perform together for the first time.
Some of us read while others wrote long on a sticky note from our historical fiction books. 
We continued reading our read aloud, Moo by Sharon Creech, not once, but twice today.
We’re getting to some funny parts; my students are really enjoying this book. 
I’m glad it’s Friday.
We all need a little break.
To recharge.
To relax.
To forgive and forget.
I look forward to Monday.
When we can be together again.
We’re clicking as a class.
A little later than what I’m used to, but it’s happening.
I can’t wait to see my students again.
But, I’m glad I get a couple of days with my husband and son.
To recharge.
To relax.
To forgive and forget.

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