A Short Post

Slicing every day in March!!

This is a short post.
The day just got away from me.
In fact, I almost forgot to write a slice.
We had company for lunch, but that was 8 hours ago.
Our company just left.
We ate. We talked. We laughed. And, then we ate some more.
Now, it’s time for a Saturday night movie with my husband and son.
To wind down.
To relax.
To get warm and cozy.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It feels like the weekend went too fast.
I lugged too many books home from school.
I had a too long list of things I wanted to accomplish.
Yes, I still have Sunday, but I want to chill out on Sunday.

I will set a to do list with a few reasonable goals. 
Then, I’ll check off as many items as I can get done.
Maybe I’ll ignore emails. And Facebook. And Twitter.

I’ll build in time to wind down before Monday comes around.

Seems like a plan. I just hope I can stick to it.


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