Waiting is so Hard

Waiting is so hard.
I don’t like waiting.
I get impatient.
I want answers now.

Waiting is so hard.
Patience is not a strength of mine.
Yet, I’ve had to be patient before.
Waiting, watching and teaching at just the right moment.
Waiting until a student understands a concept.
I try everything I know until I see
the light of recognition in a child’s eyes.
That aha! moment when a child finally gets it!

Waiting is so hard.
I want instant gratification.
And, I’m not even from that generation.

Waiting is so hard.
Yet, I know that waiting
is bearable.
If I can let go.
Enjoy the moment.
Live and love in the present.

Waiting is so hard.
That’s why I stay busy.
As I wait for news
of a new job,
a new project,
new opportunities.
I stay busy.

Waiting is so hard.
Reading alleviates the anxiety.
Watching a movie helps me relax.

Waiting is so hard.

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