Perfect Day!

Slicing every day in March!!!
Today was a wonderful day with my students!
We finished reading Moo by Sharon Creech. 
We were both sad and happy at the end of the story.
And, we put aside some of our routines to tape an upcoming episode for Book Club for Kids about Moo. Take a look at the Book Club for Kids Facebook page for the announcement!
We had an awesome lesson with our Primary Years Program (PYP) Coordinator who introduced the Design Cycle to my students. They had to create the tallest free standing tower in a group of four. They were given two opportunities to do this. The second time there were some adjustments made so that the groups could incorporate research, more planning, and reflection into their final product. All of the groups were successful on the second try. This was a great beginning to the work students will need to do for their Exhibition of Learning projects starting this week.
We learned a new game in math that gave students practice with rounding whole numbers.
We talked about math strategies and I explained a few that we will be practicing over the next few days.
Finally, we high fived each other as they left the room and told me something they’d learned during math class.
Perfect day as far as I’m concerned!

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