#DigiLitSunday · Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day is designated     as the one day during the year to focus on the environment.A day to honor Mother Earth.A day to renew our commitment to the environmentby changinghabits and activitiesdetrimental to a healthy Earth.The first Earth Day took place more than 40 years ago.A lifetime for some,but a second of time in the history of the Earth.It’s ironic, given… Continue reading Earth Day

#DigiLitSunday · #SOL17 Day #26

My Burning Question(s)

Slicing every day in March!! #DigiLitSunday +Margaret Simon has challenged #DigiLitSunday bloggers to think about this: what is your burning question?My first response? I don’t have just one burning question. I have many burning questions. There is so much that I still don’t know even though I’ve been teaching for many years. You’d think that I… Continue reading My Burning Question(s)

#DigiLitSunday · Reflections on the Teche


#DigiLitSunday purpose This is a word that demands attention.  Commitment.  Focus.  Seriousness.  purpose  We all seek purpose in our lives.  Without purpose we are lost. Stranded. Without purpose we have no direction.  That’s why we look for something or someone to give us the praise – validation –  that we sometimes desperately seek.  The validation… Continue reading Purpose