My Birthday – A Celebration

Today is my birthday.
Another year.
Another milestone.
A promise of changes to come –
transformational changes.
I can feel it in my bones.

My husband threw me a surprise lunch party.    
He invited some friends.
Friends he knew would count.
Would matter to me.

The food was delicious.
There was a lot of it.
And, it was gone in a flash!

Then, my daughters called
to tell me about my birthday present.
Drum roll, please: they will be coming for a visit!!!
I am beside myself!

What else could I want or need?
I have
good friends,
good food,
great conversation,
anticipation of great things to come,
a surprise visit from my daughters,

This is what I’m celebrating today.

An ordinary day

Today is my birthday.
It was an ordinary day.

I’m on spring break but that doesn’t mean much because there’s always something to do.
My husband and I ran errands.

Later, our niece and nephew came by. We celebrated with cake and ice cream.

I don’t need much for my birthday.
All I want is family and friends around.
I know it may sound strange and like I’m being modest,
but it’s the truth.

So, talking with my daughters on the phone, and spending time with my son and
my husband is the only gift I want.

All in all, it was a good day. I even bought a Mike Wazowski for myself!

Seriously, though, I’m grateful for what I have and that’s all that really matters.


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