If I were in charge…

Schools are funny places.

They are regulated by bells,
and separated by subject areas.  
Cubicles of varying sizes house 24 children and at least one adult, 
sometimes more of each.  
If you’re lucky there is a narrow window in each cubicle to let in some sunlight; 
we don’t want children to be distracted by the outdoors, now do we?  
If you’re a child, you can’t eat, drink, or go to the washroom without asking for permission.
If you are a teacher you may as well forget it.
And, yet we stay with it.
Keep at it.
Try again.
Take a deep breath and hope for the best.
Love the children.
Take extra classes.
Attend workshops, 
especially if they’re free;
we would have to pay out of our own pocket if they weren’t.
What other profession does that?
And, what other profession prepares everyone else to excel at theirs?
And, we do.
Excel I mean.
It’s time to shout it in the world.
I love being a teacher.
I don’t love the restrictions.
And, if I were in charge of the school…
you know what I would do.