Sunday Nights

When I was growing up, I dreaded Sunday nights.
As soon as 5:00 pm rolled around, a wave of sadness and melancholy descended on me.

Sunday nights signalled another week of school was about to start.

Sunday nights seemed empty.
Stores closed early, and
everyone would prepare for another week of work.

Sunday nights were a reminder of all that I had planned to do on the weekend,
but had never gotten around to.

Sunday nights meant a rush of adrenalin as I remembered unfinished homework, or an upcoming test.

But on Friday afternoons, Sunday nights seemed far away.

Over the years, this feeling has lessened somewhat.
I don’t feel sad or melancholy quite as often.
However, I still panic when I bring home a ton of work to do
and never do any of it.

This weekend I had a lot of things on my to do list and not one of them got crossed off.
I’m going to start my week, the way I ended it:
an untouched “to do” list and a heavy bag of unopened books.

This week my goal is to bring home work that I know I will do and leave everything else at school.

I’ll report back on how it went at the end of the week.

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It’s just another weekend

It’s Friday.


This felt like a long week.
I’m not sure why.
But, I’m glad it’s Friday.
And, as soon as I finish my slice we’re going to watch a movie.
To relax.
Get cozy in bed, just the three of us.

Tomorrow will be for stocking the refrigerator,
taking my son to piano lessons and art class,
and puttering around the house.

And, if I can manage it, I’ll participate in Simple K12¬†webinars on differentiated learning, google docs, and more.
I’m not going to overdo it, though.
Need to maintain perspective.
Saturday and Sunday are for resting and catching up with family.
The webinars, if I can get to them, will be lagniappe.

Sunday maybe we can go to the club for a swim
or to play tennis.

Before we know it, it will be Monday again.
I’m looking forward to another week with my students.
But right now, I’m looking forward to the evening with my son and my husband.
It’s just another weekend.

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