Taking Stock

I spent the last couple of weeks, including spring break, sick as a dog. I am just now staring to feel better and am regaining my strength. This illness has forced me to reevaluate my time, my commitments, my inability to say no. I need to slow down and simplify. I need to set priorities and stick to them. I need to devote more time to myself and to my family. I tend to take on too much because I like being busy, always having a project on the back burner.

But, this time it was too much.

I don’t need to do everything now.
I have enough to do as it is: teaching, starting a doctorate, spending quality time with my family.

I need to simplify.
I will.
I have already started to slow down.
It has been nice though it feels strange.
I can do it.

I will

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