The Dead of Winter

We’re still in the dead of winter here in Calgary; it was -36 degrees Celsius with the wind chill today.

It hasn’t stopped snowing since mid-November.

The children have had more indoor recess this year than I’d care to think about.

Everyone’s patience, including my own, is wearing thin.

It’s report card time and parent conferences loom in the not too distant future.

The progress I’ve made with some of my students is looking precarious.

One step forward, two steps back.

It’s time to revisit procedures we practiced in September.

It’s time to redirect our attention to the growth of our classroom community.

It’s time to regroup, set priorities, and move forward.

By writing this down I’m feeling better already.

4 thoughts on “The Dead of Winter

  1. Brrrr! I couldn't live in perpetual cold. Just today I was walking around the backyard noticing the stirrings of life from the earth. Tulips have popped throught the soil. I hope the warmth comes soon. Winter has been too long this year.


  2. Wishing warm thoughts your way. We have had an unusual number of snow days here in Missouri and I feel we will be going too many days in June to make them up. Oh well!


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