Baking Muffins

Today is one of those beautiful rare days this winter, at least for Calgary – sunny, blue skies and not too cold. I spent most of yesterday and today working on report cards. My breaks have consisted of washing dishes; having meals; reading Losing Charlotte by Healther Clay, a new and notable book from my public library that is now seriously overdue; reading to my son; and messaging with my youngest daughter as she travels by plane from Charlotte to Boston.

My husband and 6 year-old son also took a break today to make chocolate muffins. That’s them looking pleased as punch and having a blast! This picture reminds me of so many other times when my husband would bake or cook with our two daughters when they were little; they’re now 23 and 19 and they still call their father for cooking advice. Now, it’s my son’s turn to be initiated into an entrenched family tradition. As my son said earlier while he ate the chicken soup my husband had prepared, “This is the life!”

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