A moment in the life of a teacher

2:00 pm

I stood in the middle of my classroom and took a look around. I noticed a stack of baskets on top of a table where a now forgotten science experiment used to be. I moved the offending baskets out of the way but didn’t put them to any good use; I’ll leave that for another day.

I read individual writer’s notebooks and smiled at an entry I had not previously seen. I made a mental note to talk to this student about what he had written.

I finalized a letter that I will send home tomorrow asking parents for permission to post their childrens’ slices on line. It took me about a week to finalize this as I had to confer with several people regarding safety issues around the use of public internet sites. Fortunately, everyone was very supportive about helping me get this project off the ground.

I revised and sent an email about an upcoming PD Day at our school.

I ran off individual copies of small books that I will assemble, laminate, and add to our classroom library.

I made copies of notices to go home.

I talked with a teacher who came by to consult about something or other.

I searched for library books that needed to be returned to the pubic library.

I closed my computer, gathered my things, put on my coat, and walked out the door.

4:30 pm


3 thoughts on “A moment in the life of a teacher

  1. Teachers work long days. They come in early, work their lunch, stay late. They work evenings, weekends, and summers. I love what i do and it is all worth it, but sometimes I wish lawmakers could spend the day walking in my sensible shoes.


  2. Yes, we do work long days and many people don't appreciate or understand teachers' work. I love what I do and I can't imagine doing anything else. It's so encouraging to be in the company of so many wonderful teachers during this month of slicing. It's the kind of experience that energizes. I might just slice every day of the year!


  3. Elisa —
    I liked how you used the time to lock in this Slice. So much done in such a short period of time. Teaching is as much about organizing our time as planning our lessons. Thanks for sharing this Slice — I'm going to keep it in mind as a model for later this month.
    Happy writing, Ruth

    PS — I'm glad Slicing is energizing you. It is fun the way the internet is able to break down walls & allow us to find others who value the same things we do.


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