Student Slices

I received 12 positive responses from parents giving their children permission to publish their slices on my blog. So, here are a few of them!

In my family, I am the oldest kid. I have an annoying younger sister. The only time when she was not annoying is when she gave me the stuffed animal I liked from her. In my family I have my mom, my dad, and my younger sister.Taylor

Once I went on vacation in the summer and my grandma was watching my cat. When we were at the hotel (motel) my mom got a call from my grandma that my cat ran away. But my mom and dad didn’t tell me very fast. They waited till we got home instead of on vacation. My parents kept on saying that my cat was on vacation as well and she might not be home even when we pull in the driveway. When we got home my parents told me. I was so afraid because there are lots of coyotes in the night (that’s a whole different story). Five days later we put up lost cat signs. A couple of days later we got a phone call from the cat and dog pound saying they might have our cat and they did.Paige

The month before last month my brother got upset with me. I hurt him because he hurt me and when I hurt him because he hurt me he threw a car at me. It hurt bad because I have a big bruise on my nose ’cause whenever I get hit in the face it’s normally on my nose.Gabriel

When I was little I went sledding and I was 2 years old. My dad put me onto a sled and pushed the sled and…I did’t know how to control the sled and…Bum! I bumped into a tree. I told my mom, “Let’s go home”. And, she said, “We will have hot chocolate with marshmallows.” I said, “OK.”
P.S. I was crying.

Today at recess I played Batman and I played it with my friends. And, we played spies and one of my friends was James Bond.Boris

Today our buddies came a lot. We made a wish to make the world more peaceful. I wished for no more wars. I wished that ’cause it makes people cry.

Gabriel shared his soccer medal. It was gold. He shared it because it was his first gold medal.

3 thoughts on “Student Slices

  1. Taylor, Thanks for sharing your family with us, especially about your younger sister. She really does love you, if she gives you your favorite things!

    Paige, Great storytelling, I could hardly wait to find out what happened to your cat–suspense!! I'm glad it was a happy ending.

    Gabriel, I hope you don't get hit again in the nose–talk about things next time. Thanks for sharing a slice!

    Caroline, great hot chocolate story! Ouch, I hope it didn't hurt too much!

    Boris, Love that Batman and Robin. Keep writing slices.

    Audree, Yes, no more wars. Congrats to Gabriel–a gold, Wow! Thanks for slicing.


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