More Student Slices

More student slices…

Today is my uncle Cole’s birthday. He is turning sixteen years old. He is just learning how to drive. I can’t wait ’cause he can drive me wherever I want. He can almost drive. When you are 16 you can drive. He can drive me to MacDonald’s and Wendy’s. I will command him.Ethan

Yesterday it was my brother’s birthday. He turned 19 and we celebrated his birthday at Nick’s.Boris

Yesterday Alexandra gave me a cut by accident. And, today I had a problem at recess: my best friends, Kaitlyn and Michelle, wouldn’t let me plan with them. They wanted to play something and I wanted to play the other. And they said, “You can only play with us if you play this.”Taylor

In May I am having a party. I am inviting five boys and five girls. I am having a swimming party.Alexandra

Today I am finishing my book about penguins. We are almost done. We just need to do the last page. Then, we need to color. Then, we are done. We might share it tomorrow or in two days. There is a new series coming. It is called “Bella Mouse and Polla Penguin”. It is about a mouse and a penguin that are friends. It is not too funny but kinda funny. It will come out in April. Me and Reese are working on the series. We are also working on a puffle handbook.Audree

Do you ever feel like you’re getting left out? Well, I did. It was my birthday two years ago. I couldn’t go in the kitchen because my unwrapped present was there. I am wondering if anyone else sometimes feels the same way? Bye, for now.Ruth

On Sunday my family went to a garden show. It was not a show. It was a big craft fair. On Saturday only mom volunteered to help at the big craft fair. She helped at the Welcome Wagon Stall. The next day we all went to the craft fair. We got a flag and candy.Aarushi

Once I Got Bit by A Spider
Once I was climbing on the rocks in my backyard with bare feet. I didn’t know that spiders liked to sleep in the rocks. All of a sudden I felt a pinch on my foot. It was the spider. It had bit my food and I had to go to the Children’s Hospital again. When I got there they had put a special medicine on my foot. Then, I went home and I lived happily ever after.

Once in my life I have fainted on the bus. It happened when I turned my face red. I fell straight to the ground and Karson tried to get me up but I didn’t get up. I stayed on the ground. In about 5 minutes I probably got up and when I did get up, it was my bus stop. It was really freakly being fainted. That was my first time being fainted. It didn’t feel good being fainted. I don’t know why I turned my face red at that guy. His name was Diego and I don’t know why I fainted and fell to the ground. It didn’t hurt a bit when I fell to the ground. (To be continued.)Isaiah

Every day my brother does something mean to me. Sometimes he bites me and scratches me in the face. He does a lot of mean stuff to me.Rene

One time I was on the bus and my friend Julia wanted to sit with me. So, when the bus started to move…and then a couple of seconds later she spat on her hands and stuck it on the seat. Then, Ryder said he would never sit on that seat again.Reese

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