Student Slices

Dear Slice of Life,
I want to go to Mexico. When I was six years old I always forgot to ask my parents. When I get home I am probably gonna ask my parents. I hope I do. They’re probably gonna say no but it’s worth the risk if I do.

I was making a Starfighter. I called it: Slave 195. It has five blow blasters, three green blasters, and three red blasters. It carries weapons. But these are not blasters. They are two swords, one spear, and a travek stick. It carries two Ninjas.

Today at recess I played rugby with Isaac, Dylan, Ethan, Karson, and Isaiah. It was fun but I got pushed around, but otherwise it was fun.Gabriel

Yesterday I was playing outside and my underground snow fort fell on me because I accidently punched it and i was stuck for 30 minutes. And, when I came inside I almost froze to death.
– Boris

Once I was talking to my sister about my favorite song. I said baby (feet) and my brother said, “You’re a firework!!!?”Paige

Today at lunch recess I played rugby with Isaac, Ethan, Gabriel, Isaiah, and Dylan. It was fun. Me and Isaiah won 10 to 4. Isaac was just teaching us, but then we played a game.
– Karson

I got a new bus driver and a new bus. It was funny because it smelled sooooo bad. I thought I might pass out. It smelled like tuna fish.Reese

Today at recess I played soccer with Aarushi and Gabriel. It was fun but Gabriel felt unsafe because he felt that it was going to rain.
P.S. If I was playing soccer I will play again and again until I quit soccer.

Today I have piano lessons. I am starting a new book. It’s called Piano Town #1. My sister already finished Piano Town #1 and #2. My piano teacher’s name is Mrs. Chang. Bye for now, Ruth.
P.S. All of my family plays the piano.

Next Friday I am going to my grandpa’s house. We are leaving on Thursday. It will be fun and awesome. Well, I think it will be. Well, it will be. It’s going to be. I am going to miss my friends.Caroline

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