Dentists and teachers?

How is a great dentist like a great teacher? Here’s the partial list that I created after I visited my dentist today.

They both have genuine smiles on their faces and greet you warmly.

They both make the patient or student feel comfortable. Today my dentist offered me a blanket while he was performing the procedure on my teeth.

They both explain what they’re doing; the dentist describes the procedure as it’s happening and the teacher coaches the student as she teaches.

They both use soft voices and answer any questions as carefully and completely, as possible.

They both make you want to stay.

5 thoughts on “Dentists and teachers?

  1. Yes, and there are also teachers that scare students away. That's why I compared a good teacher with a good dentist. But regaining trust, whether with your dentist or a teacher, is never easy to do. That is why as teachers we must take the work that we do with children and their families seriously – maybe even as if our lives (and theirs) depended on it.


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