Day #19 – I’m Still Here!

OK. This is the post where I marvel at the fact that I’ve stuck with this challenge for 19 days.
I never thought I would make it this far.
I’m writing every day after dinner. I’ve tried writing early in the morning or during preps at school but the inspiration, or maybe the pressure, hasn’t been there so I’ve put it off. Even though I panic as I scour my brain for brilliant topics to write about, I still write. 
So, although some posts have not been all that great, they’ve been ruminations capturing a moment in time or an emergent idea or thought.
The act of writing every day may produce some weak posts and then some better ones.
The writing that I do now will help elevate the quality of future posts. At least, that is my thinking and my experience as a teacher and as a writer.
By making these sometimes rambling thoughts public I expose myself and welcome other voices into the conversation. This, in and of itself, has made this challenge worthwhile.
I am hoping that blogging daily for a month will create a habit that will be hard to break. 
I haven’t been very consistent with posting on my blog and I want to change that trend. 
So far, so good. 


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