Author Skypes

After six author visits to our classroom, five of them via @SkypeClassroom, I am more convinced than ever of the immeasurable value these conversations bring to students.

Listening to authors describe their writing process is priceless.

The writing tips and experiences of published writers mean a lot more to my students than anything I could offer them simply because they see me through the lens of “teacher” and not as a writer; this is my own doing. So, I need to share my writing process with my students, including samples of my writing, and my successes and failures. I need to find a way to help students understand that writers are not only those of us who get published.


We have similar experiences of insecurity when it comes to writing: everything to be said has already been written. Yet, there are moments when writing allows us to discover what’s important about our lives. And, only a daily writing habit will help us get there.

Deep breath.

It’s Day 2 of the Slice of Life March Challenge.

Cross posted to Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge Day #2

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