The Writerly Ladies



Two friends and I have started a writing group. Yes! A writing group!

I am thrilled and scared to death at the same time. I’m afraid of exposing myself through my writing, and I’m afraid of revealing myself as a bad writer.

I have stepped outside my comfort zone. There’s no going back.

It’s one thing to write something that I don’t like and that no one else sees, and quite another to write something others will read and critique. I risk blowing my self-image as a knowledgeable writer and teacher of writing.

Nevertheless, there’s nowhere else to go but forward.

I don’t think anyone who writes will disagree that sharing writing is scary. So, instead of making my writing public, I read about writing. Although this is important, the act of writing and sharing that writing is infinitely more important. And, in order to do this I need to establish a daily writing routine.

Now that I’ve come clean and made my fear public, I can own it, confront it, and let it go.

I initiated this writing group to become a better writer. From all the reading I’ve done (it hasn’t been wasted), I know the most effective way to do this is to write every day and take risks by sharing my writing with others. But I get caught up in my fears and stop short by only doing writing exercises even though I know this is not enough. Or, I end up doing a lot of freewriting that goes nowhere.

I know I need to work hard at writing if I’m going to get better. (Isn’t this what I tell my students?) I know that I need to write a lot of bad stuff in order to get to something worthwhile. (My students have heard me say this a dozen times.) So, I’m hoping that this writing group will lift me up and help me soar.

I will be blogging about this journey from time to time. I hope you’ll join me.

And, you can read the blogs of my writing group partners here and here.

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