Sunday Nights

I always dreaded Sunday nights when I was growing up.
Sunday nights signaled the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week at school.
I don’t think it was because I hated going to school. In fact, I was always a good student and loved learning, but something made me not welcome Sunday nights.

Right at around 5:00 pm when the sun started to go down and the next day loomed large, I would get sad, almost melancholy, about nothing in particular, and everything in general.

Watching Mission Impossible helped curb these feelings somewhat, but not entirely.

Even into adulthood, Sunday nights were never my favorite night of the week.

The promise of the weekend is gone. Resting, playing, reading, sleeping in…all of it is done. And, I often feel like I didn’t do nearly everything I had hoped to do.

Tomorrow morning, I will drag my untouched bags full of books and school reminders back to my classroom. I had so much fun just doing my own thing. Tomorrow, I need to return to reality.

What I have failed to truly realize, however, after all of these years as a teacher, is that Monday morning gives me a special new lease on teaching. I get to start all over again with my students. I get another chance. I can do it better this time. I’ve known that on an intellectual level, but now I feel it in my gut, as well. Monday morning brings me back in contact with my students who are probably experiencing similar mixed feelings about the first day of the week.

Now, I think and feel differently about Mondays. I look forward to the routine, to seeing my students and interacting with colleagues. I know that everything will go according to plan, more or less, and the following week gives me another opportunity to get it right.

Lesson learned? I will stop shlepping my bags back and forth to school. I will do the other things that keep me refreshed and on my toes – social media, professional books, spending time with my family, reading. These activities will prepare me more than any time spent poring over whatever is in the deep trenches of my teacher bags. These other experiences are what help me plan for the weeks ahead.

Sunday night, a time to relax, wind down, and watch a movie with my husband or my son.

Sunday night brings Monday morning and for that, I am now always grateful.


Cross posted to Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge Day #6 

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