Proud for My Students

Today’s post is purposefully short.

It has been a long week and it’s only Wednesday.
Lots going on at my school.
It’s all good, but a bit exhausting.
So, I decided to celebrate my students in this post.
Today, the music teacher told me that my students are incredibly well-behaved in his class.
I was proud for them and happy to hear that, of course. I’ve always told my students that what matters is how they do when they leave our classroom and work with other adults in our school. They’ve shown they understand that!
And, in the afternoon, my students worked in groups of three’s or fours with one iPad to create a Light Painting. At the end of the session, the tech director complimented them for collaborating effectively in their groups. They suggested ideas to each other and they tried them out. 
I also noticed that my students were engaged for the entire time during both events.
Reflecting on one positive experience or conversation during the day really helps to bring the focus back to the kids. It’s a nice way to end the day. 

Note to self: focus on the positive, reflect, celebrate.

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