Friday Night

Friday night.
At the end of a long week.
Watching a movie,
but what I really want is a good night’s sleep.

I struggle to stay awake.

Today’s Teacher’s Teaching Teachers (TTT) conference went well.
I ran into a lot of old friends
and that was wonderful.

Nine schools were represented
and over 1,000 teachers
were in attendance.

I went to a workshop on the importance of descriptive feedback
and another one on how to encourage students to
ask questions and be curious.

I gave a presentation on how to develop engagement through independent reading.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted.
Nevertheless, I’m still awake.

I plan to relax a bit this weekend,
our last before Spring Break.

Then, we’re into the home stretch.
But I don’t think about that too much.
Instead, I think about the joy of the next three months with my students.

I look forward to #celebratemonday
even though it’s only Friday.

Cross posted to Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge, Day #11.

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