Today I…

Today I got up later than I usually do and didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I’d planned.

Today I responded to a few slices. I realized I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, but I don’t value what I have to say as much as I should.

Today I loaded the dishwasher twice – once for yesterday’s and this morning’s dishes, and a second time after we had family over for lunch.

Today I thought about my to do list, but didn’t cross out anything. In fact, I didn’t even look at my list and will probably regret that tomorrow.

Today I read an email that made me angry and responded right away; that will probably be my second regret tomorrow.

Today I remembered that we have a literacy consultant at our school this week. Demo lessons, meetings, learning, and planning will be the key words for this week.

Today I enjoyed talking and laughing from early afternoon until early evening on our terrace. We watched the lights of the city magically turn on as the sun went down.

Today I didn’t do any school work and that felt strange.

Today was the kind of day I wish would happen more often.

Today I look forward to tomorrow.

Cross posted to March Slice of Life Challenge, Day #13

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