Reflection on a Monday Night

The new school year is well underway.

My students and I have had about six weeks to learn about and understand each other pretty well by now.

We survived the so-called honeymoon phase.

We’ve gotten past the “who-the-heck-are-you-and-why-are-you-acting-this-way phase”.

We have had our share of ups and downs.

Many, if not most, of our routines are now in place. We have done them for at least 21 times and counting.

The days of changing up this or that routine or trying to set a schedule that doesn’t change are behind us.

I have let go of some things I struggled against, like the noise level. It’s hard for 28 grade 4 students to be actively engaged in learning without there being a bit of noise. As long as the buzz is about the learning, then I’m OK with that.

I do love independent reading time. Right after lunch, because they argued that it would calm them down for whatever learning events were planned for the afternoon, they come running in from the playground, without running, eager to find a comfy spot – the couch is a favorite – and get into their book. It’s silent then. It’s a good sound.

Like all kids, my students are eager to learn. They want to be successful.

We have embarked on a wonderful journey and we’re only at the beginning of a still-to-come amazing voyage.


#GRA17 – we’re still reading The Wild Robot.



#IDR – independent reading

And, now it’s the season of snow forts and winter holidays.

I love being a teacher. There is nothing I would rather be doing. And, there are no students I would rather have in my classroom than the ones I have right now.

I am humbled and privileged to be teaching this particular group of students at this moment in their lives.






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