We are now two days into the New Year.

I have selected and blogged about my #OLW here. (Disclosure: my #OLW is TRUTH.)

be yourself quote-pexels-photo-698324

I have committed to controlling my presence on social media without tuning out altogether. I am choosing carefully what I do and what I don’t do on @Twitter, @Facebook, @Voxer, etc.

social media-pexels-photo-607812

I am writing something most days, mostly because I need to write between 350 – 500 words every day for my doctoral theses in order to stay on track. Even if what I write turns out to be less than stellar, I won’t get far if I don’t have anything to work on. That’s what I tell my students all the time; I am living this somewhat painfully at the moment.

Once a week I will continue to blog about my journey as a teacher, learner, reader and writer.


I will update parents on happenings in our classroom and post these on our school website. See my first entry here.

I have started to rethink my to-do list thanks to Angela Watson’s Say Goodbye to Teacher Tired 5-day Challenge. I will prioritize what’s important to accomplish every day, rather than drowning in a list of too many things to do that never get done.


I am going to address problems as opportunities and not obstacles by finding solutions rather than perseverating on the why of the problems. (My daughter told me that’s an important aspect of being happy. At least it’s better than complaining.)

bright idea-pexels-photo-355988

So, I’m all set for a productive 2018.

How about you? Have you set some goals for how you are going to live in the coming year? If so, or if you just want to think through some ideas, I invite you to share these in the comments section. Let’s start a conversation!


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