Day #1 – #MarchSOL18

Almost missed slicing today – the first day of the March challenge!

So, this is going to be a short slice.

Looking forward to a month of slicing.

Not looking forward to more snow, although it’s definitely too late for that: it’s snowing now!

At least tomorrow is Friday; the snow is supposed to fall all weekend. Sunday we’ll have a break.

Hey, it’s March!

Here we go!

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the #MarchSOL18.

7 thoughts on “Day #1 – #MarchSOL18

  1. YEAH!! Way to go 🙂 I MISSED the deadline (12:01) amidst a dozen or so blinks of power and loss of internet due to storm. Oh well. Thanks for helping me realize a quick post is always a good post! Good Luck with your snow AND your slicing!!


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