Tennis – #SOL March Challenge


pexels-photo - tennis.jpeg

That is my sport.

That is, if I had a sport, tennis would be it.

I have never been athletic.

I always have to plan when and for how long

I will be going to the gym.

I don’t like lifting weights.

I’d rather join a class,

but that still means getting my exercise gear ready

and going right after work.

If not, I just won’t go at all.


if you

invite me to play tennis,

then chances are I will not

think too much about it before I say,



That is my sport.

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the March Slice of Life Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Tennis – #SOL March Challenge

  1. Ha! I love this post, Elisa. I enjoy many sports, but anything with a racquet I prefer: tennis, racquetball, ping pong (if that counts as sport). 🙂


  2. Oh, tennis, I wish I played. It seems simple, but the few times I have tried, I sent the ball into the net or over the backstop. Too much of a softball swing, I think. So, not simple at all. Good for you to have a favorite and want to play.
    I like the rhythm of your piece today.


    • I’m not even sure how I’m able to play tennis to a respectable standard since I’ve never gone out for many sports. I do have to admit that I am pretty good at softball and baseball. Must be the Cuban in me! LOL!


    • Yes, agreed. It’s hard to play tennis in Calgary as you have to play inside and it can be expensive. Looking forward to the spring and summer when I will be able to play in public courts.


  3. Lovely post, Elisa! I’m very lucky as I get to go to the Australian Open every year. I definitely enjoy watching tennis but I’ve never played. I’m not good with ball sports!
    Wishing you lots of great matches! 🙂


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